Apple Looking At USB-C For The iPhone - Probably Not What You Think Though

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is going to implement USB-Con its new iPhones - and it could be right, but not in the way you might be thinking.

I'd say there is zero percent chance that the iPhone will move away from Lightning in its next iteration. Apple has too much invested in the control of accessories to allow this to happen.

Nevertheless your iPhone will come with a USB-C connector. Only it will be on the other end of its cable and partnered with new chargers that implement a USB-C female connector.

Why? Well one look at Apple's current laptop line-up will tell you why. Other than obsolete models there isn't a USB Type A connector in sight.

And one of the big criticisms of the new MacBook Pro was that you couldn't plug your brand new iPhone into it.

Give the iPhone a charging cable with Lightning at one end and USB-C at the other and all Apple's problems are over.

For users buying their first iPhone and using an older Mac with USB-C there are plenty of options for purchasing a standard USB - Lightning cable.

For Apple it restores an element of missing cohesiveness to its range and sets its stall out for the iPhone decade to come.

I can't see any reason not to do this.


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