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Tesla Crash Rate Down 40% With Autopilot

As you're probably aware by now, Tesla has been cleared of blame for last year's fatal accident when a Model S in Auto Pilot mode under ran a truck and trailer, killing the driver. The investigation shows that the driver had at least seven seconds in which to take avoiding action but for whatever reason - inattention of some sort - did not do so.

That's great news for Tesla, especially as the NHTSA acknowledged that the company had provided sufficient warnings as to the capabilities of the system and the requirement for drivers to remain alert to the road ahead.

More importantly, not just for Tesla but for the whole automotive industry, was the finding that accidents involving Teslas were down 40% since the introduction of Auto Pilot. That doesn't mean necessarily mean there's a correlation between the two things, it is at least suggestive that increasing driver aids increases safety.

When distracted driving has been making headlines because of Apple's lawsuits in California, anything that promises to improve safety for all road users should be encouraged.

As the old saying goes, the most dangerous part of a car is the nut behind the steering wheel. Tesla has certainly proved that to be the case over the last year.