Sony Winning Nougat Upgrade Race On Xperia

Whilst most Android OEMs are only beginning to roll out Android 7 to recent flagship devices, Sony has been knocking the upgrade ball out of the park. Having already delivered Nougat to its most recent devices, the XZ and X Compact, as well as previous generation X and X Performance Xperias, yesterday Sony upped the ante by beginning to push the latest Android version tothe Xperia Z5 range.

That process is probably eased by the rate with which the Sony replaces its flagship devices. Even so, the Z5 launched in Septermber '15, giving Sony the widest Nougat deployment by handset models, if not by phones shipped.

With at least two new Xperias (XA and M5 replacements?) slated for launch at MWC, at the end of February, Sony seems to have renewed vigour around its smartphone business. As a brand that I hold in high regard that's good to see. Long may it continue.


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