Samsung Confirms Galaxy S8 Delay Whilst Revealing Note 7 Inquest Results

Samsung regained a lot of credibility with the openness of its Note 7 battery investigations, the results of which have been widely published and critiqued, so I won't do the same here.

Just as important was the message that the Galaxy S8 won't be revealed at MWC - breaking from tradition.

It's a positive sign that Samsung hasn't just placed the blame on battery manufacture but understands the root cause of the debacle - a rush to beat the iPhone 7 to market and the shortcuts in the review and testing of design decisions which resulted.

More than anything it remind me of the actions of British Leyland in the 70s. So caught up in the day to day need to respond to new competition from Europe and Japan, as well as the home grown competition from Ford and Vauxhall, that products were rushed to market, half-finished and with significant quality control issues.

At the start of the seventies the British motor industry dominated car sales across half the world, by the end of the decade the company was fatally wounded and within two more it was gone.

Samsung's problems might not run so deep, but failing to recognise them would have been the first step down a similar path to BL. So the news that the GS8 will be delayed should be considered to be a positive sign for the company. It means that Samsung will have time to implement the eight step battery safety plan it proposed as part of its report, it means it will have more time to undertaken real time testing of production prototypes before getting close to production and, most importantly, it will have time for the review of design decisions made long before any GS8s make it into the hands of customers.


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