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Noreve Leather Rear Cover For Sony Xperia XZ Review

As regulars will know, I haven't been a big fan of cases on my smartphones in the past. However after dropping and lightly damaging by Galaxy S6 I've been a little more willing to compromise.

Reviewing the cases available for the Xperia XZ I found the Noreve Leather Rear cover, which looked like an appealing option. Having had it installed on the XZ for a few days I find myself conflicted, with much to like about the case and one glaring issue which will probably prevent me from keeping it on the phone permanently.

The Noreve case covers the rear and sides of the Xperia XZ, with the sides standing a little proud of the face of the phone, to provide some screen protection when placed face down on a flat surface. On the right hand side it is cut away to allow access to the power button, volume control and camera button. The bottom and top of the XZ are left open, although the way the case wraps around at the ends does provide some protection.

It's made of genuine and hand finished leather, with the inner liner having the Noreve name embossed in a pattern. Packaging is an area where the French company has taken some care too. With a solid, branded, cardboard box containing a small pouch with the cover contained inside.

In the hand the fit is excellent. The naked XZ is a beautiful device to hold in the hand, with Sony's Loop surface design being free of edges or pressure points. The Noreve case mimics the curves and the touch of leather is almost up there with the feel of the Alkaleido metal rear of the XZ. It's a lovely case in the hand and if you like leather cases this is definitely a feel and look for you.

Personally I'm not a big fan of leather cases, but this is the best I've held. The combination of shape and material working to provide a positive tactile experience.

However there is one shortcoming in the Noreve design that I must address. The right hand side of the cover is cut away to allow access to the buttons, but the back of the case extends around the edge of the phone slightly in order to provide some protection. The thoughtful gesture has one major downside - access to the power button is more difficult than without the case and as a result it is much more difficult to activate the fingerprint sensor.

Now potentially you could avoid this particular issue with familiarity, but as the fail error is generally 'partial fingerprint' re-doing the recognition setup with the cover on probably won't help.

The edge of the case needs to sit flush with the edge of the phone around the power button to rectify this problem. A modification I will probably make sometime in the future with the aid of a scalpel.

For now, if you are one of those people who have made the XZ your phone you may need to consider how important the seamless operation of the fingerprint sensor is to you before slapping down your credit card for this case.

A qualifed recommendation then, for what is a very pleasant product that probably requires a version two with the fingerprint sensor issue resolved. US Xperia XZ owners who don't have the fingerprint sensor to worry about should whip out their credit cards for this immediately.