Mac Usage Tumbling, Windows 10 On A Quarter Of PCs

NetMarketshare's monthly report of PC usage looks bad for Apple, whilst Microsoft will be pleased to see that Windows 10 continues to be adopted at a record pace.

MacOS / OS X usage accounted for just 6% of the PC market in December, continuing to fall off at an enormous rate. That's a 10% contraction compared to November and the lowest share of usage since 2011. Clearly the backlash post-MacBook Pro launch, the failure to refresh the popular MacBook Air or any desktops is being reflected not just in a reduced upgrades, but in users switching to other vendors offering more flexible, better value alternatives.

Windows 10's usage growth exactly matched the decline in Mac usage, interestingly.

Microsoft's latest now accounts for one in four PCs, growing by 10% since the mini-slump in September, caused by the end of free upgrades.


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