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LinkedIn Not Killing Windows Phone App... Might As Well For All The Good It Is

LinkedIn sent out a couple of emails to Windows phone users today, generating confusion and despair. In the first it effectively announced the death of LinkedIn on Windows phones, saying that older versions of the app (presumably on other dead or dying platforms) were being retired.

It followed that up a second email which basically said 'oops'.

LinkedIn for Windows phones isn't being retired after all. Despite it quite clearly being an older version of the app. In fact I'd go beyond saying it's an older version of the app to say that it is the bastard child app that LinkedIn abandoned years ago and put next to no effort into in the first place.

It is a car crash of ugly and unusable, possibly the worst big name app released for the platform. Windows phone users would be better off if LinkedIn took this abomination outside and had it shot. Twice.

That Microsoft now owns the company is unlikely to improve what is available either. Microsoft's own apps (especially the ones acquired in big money buy outs) are generally the worst for lagging behind other platforms for capability or platform specific feature support. Just ask any W├╝nderlist user.

So LinkedIn, it is hardly 'good news' that the Windows phone version of your app will continue to work normally, because that is almost worse than not having any app at all.