Here's Why You Can Never Go iPad Only

Ben Brooks is a big advocate of his iPad Pro only computing setup. Two iPads in fact.Two iPads and remote access to a Mac. Ah well, the concept is valid if flawed.

Anyway much of Ben's blog talks to the benefits of going iPad only. I'm far from convinced and for my money the advantages claimed offer virtually nothing over a similarly sized Windows tablet.

There is a huge downside though and this week it looks like Ben got bitten. Hard.

In this post Ben describes a lost day courtesy of the most simple of tasks. One that couldn't be achieved even with the fallback of a remote Mac Mini. I won't spoil the surprise.

Yes, an iPad does have some advantages in terms of speed and touch-first apps from a significant catalogue. But a Windows tablet is a Windows PC too and as a result will do anything you can do on a computer.

The iPad follows the 80:20 rule and eventually you're going to get caught out, as Ben did, and probably at the least convenient time. One day of extreme frustration over the questionable convenience of using an iPad compared to carrying a MacBook or Windows hybrid?

Not buying that one, sorry.


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