Google Commits To Android Apps On All 2017 Chromebooks

Consumers are going to have another reason to rethink what sort of computing they use on a daily basis after Google committed all 2017 Chromebooks to running Android apps.

With Chromebooks already taking large chunks of the education market around the world, Apple and Microsoft must be wary about the damage Google's partners could do with cheap, lightweight and sturdy machines that effectively run maintenance free and have access to both Chrome and Play app stores.

For Microsoft and Apple it's an announcement of note. Mac and PC sales are in decline and a Chromebook is capable of being much more of a PC replacement than an iPad - especially when it has access to the wealth of the Android app catalogue.

It won't just be cheap machines either, Google and Samsung have already demonstrated that there is a market for a premium Chromebook.

There will remain a core of use cases that are beyond the capability of a Chromebook, but this announcement suggests that Google has a product that is more than 90% of the way there.


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