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Even Ten Years Ago The Original iPhone Wasn't Much Good

The ten year anniversary of the iPhone's launch has had all sorts of commentators talking about how Steve Jobs changed the industry when he popped his little three device question on stage before unveiling the new iPhone. There's no question that the iPhone changed the industry, but that first iPhone? That was a pile of crap.

The first iPhone packed an iPod, a decent web browser and outdated hardware into a single device and that was about it. There were a few other programs included but for anything else Apple wanted you to use web apps. Aside from its capacitive multi-touch screen it was anything but a great phone.

The iPhone only achieved greatness with the launch of the iPhone 3G and App Store. Until then it lacked functions like push email, EAS, or even basic navigation capability. You couldn't add any new software to make it do what you wanted either. It took another year (and the arrival of the 3GS) to add basic functions like copy/paste and MMS.

With the 3G/3GS you could see that Apple had the makings of something amazing. The early creativity of app developers made them must-have devices. These were the phones that changed not just the industry but the world.

But that first iPhone? Over-rated, over-hyped and over-priced.