Cause Or Effect? Minecraft Abandons Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft utter abandonment of its mobile platform has seen all sorts of third-party developers packing up their development teams and abandoning Windows 10 Mobile. Generally the reason has been low-usage.

Understandable really. Customers have abandoned Windows Mobile, but only after Microsoft effectively killed the platform with a series of pessimistic communications which originated at all levels of the business, right up to CEO Satya Nadella.

Now one of Microsoft's own first-party developers has announced that it will no longer be supporting Windows phones. Mojang killed Minecraft for the platform, citing lack of usage.

Well, duh!

If anyone was buying a Windows phone before (and they mostly weren't) this should be enough of a red flag to change their minds.

Aside from parents looking to leverage the twin benefits of Microsoft Family access controls and a barren app store, in a phone that's suitable for younger kids, nobody should be putting their money down on a phone running Windows.