4K Xperia Incoming? How Many Phones Will Sony Announce At MWC?

Last year's Xperia Z5 came with a range topper packing a 4K screen. Some of the time anyway. The Z5 Premium spent most of its time running at 1080p but could light up all its pixels individually to create a outstanding 4K experience for some applications - videos and photos primarily.

So the news that Sony is toying with another 4K screen for its 2017 flagship shouldn't come as a complete surprise. Especially given the current popularity of VR headsets.

Current QuadHD displays on hNew 4Kigh-end phones display noticeable pixelisation when viewed through the lenses of a VR headset. A 4K display would all but eliminate this. You would certainly expect Sony to be on the VR bandwagon, particularly given the early success of its PS4 headset.

In fact the rumour mill is suggesting that Sony will deliver five phones at MWC, this 4K flagship and a QuadHD version of the same (both powered by Snapdragon 835 CPUs); a pair of Helio P20 powered mid-rangers and another entry-level phone.

That's a lot of new hardware for a company allegedly cleaning up its smartphone offering.

In fact for a company that just recovered to a position where it has recorded two consecutive profitable quarters such a large introduction risks damaging the value of stock currently on hand at retailers - making every Xperia outdated in one fell swoop.

It's certainly a brave policy, although foolhardy seems a more accurate term. If the rumours are true.

In terms of what these new phones turn out to be, based on the specs floating around its likely to be a new XZ2 and XZ2 Premium, an X2 and X Compact and the final device is probably a new XA2.

Of the five rumoured phones I would guess that the X2 and XA2 are most credible. Replacing the XZ and Compact after just five months on sale would be a complete reversal of Sony's claimed calmin of release cycles, although adding a range topping XZ Premium halfway through the release cycle would be a wise move.

So two, three or five. Just how many new Xperias will we see on February 27th?


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