Windows 10 On ARM Suggests New Direction For Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface means the Surface Pro if you speak to anyone about Microsoft's talented hybrid. However, there have been three different Surfaces, no Pro, and one of the upsides of Microsoft's announcement of Windows 10 on ARM with x86 emulation, is that Microsoft will almost certainly re-visit the tablet-first consumer device.

Having started off as an ARM-powered tablet, running Windows RT for two generations, the Surface 3 jumped to an Intel Atom CPU and full Windows 8.1. It was an inspired move from Microsoft, breathing new life into the Surface and meeting a consumer price point.

Intel's decision to kill the Atom processor had looked to be the end of the Surface right up until this week's news broke.

As long as the emulation is good enough and the new Snapdragon processor is reliable enough the two naturally debut in a new Surface 4. A device which marries a sleek build, awesome battery life and integrated LTE connectivity; to the power of Windows 10 and all its available software to become the hottest tablet.

There are a lot of  'ifs' in there, but right now a non-Pro Surface which validates the original's initial design brief must at least be under consideration around a table in Seattle.

Mustn't it?


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