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Windows 10: Multi-device Cortana Needs Some Additional Smarts

With Cortana currently residing in my laptop, Surface 3, Lumia smart phone and Xbox One, a demand for action generally produces a storm of responses.

Microsoft presumably knows that I have Cortana installed on four devices, all of which are 'Hey Cortana' enabled, so it's probably time to start getting smart about the sort of device I want to respond to a request.

For example, if my Xbox is sleeping and I'm using any other device, I probably don't want the Xbox to respond to anything b at a 'Turn Xbox on' command.

On the other hand, if I'm using my Xbox that's probably the device I want a response from.

Applying some logic here could make Cortana much more useful around the home, especially given how well it responds to different members of my family.

With the imminent arrival of the Cortana powered Windows hub, getting this right becomes even more important