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Windows 10 Back Into Growth As Market Share Hits New High

After a short plateau following the cessation of free upgrades, Windows 10 has pushed back into growth again, capturing just shy of 24% of active desktop activity, according to NetMarketShare. With a fall in Windows 7 usage bringing the two most popular versions of Windows within 20% of each other, and a net reduction in the gap between them of nearly 2.5%, Windows 10 may well be the most popular desktop OS by this time next year.

Which should be enough to get close to Microsoft's one billion installs target.

Meanwhile Apple and Linux both managed to stabilise their share of usage - Apple halting a seven month downward trend that has seen 50% of its users disappear.

The growth in Windows 10 usage did nothing for Microsoft's browser market share. Edge remains stuck at 5% of the market, whilst Internet Explorer is gradually fading away.

In the mobile space, Windows phone usage has started to show the effects of the collapse in sales, with 25% of Windows phone users leaving the platform in the last two months. A similar performance over the next two months would drop Windows phone usage behind JavaME (mostly Symbian Series 40 devices, ironically) and Blackberry.