Why The Disappointing MacBook Pro Will Succeed

Windows 10 is the best Windows ever, its available on some of the coolest hardware you can buy and, as a value proposition, Windows 10 devices trump Apple's Macs in just about every department and by every metric.

For all that the MacBook Pro has been a disappointment, with dubious design decisions; and battery life and heat issues; it is almost certainly going to prove to be a success for Apple.

The problem for Microsoft isn't that Windows 10 isn't better than MacOS (it is in many, many ways) or that Windows hardware partners (as well as Microsoft) aren't out-innovating Apple (they are); it is very much that Microsoft has an extremely tough sell to a specific group of customers and nothing it does on PCs can help.

That group? iPhone owners.

Right now the combination of Windows 10 and iPhone is so much less useful than a Mac and an iPhone. Continuity, Handoff and a smattering of high-quality Apple only apps are a major barrier to swapping PC platforms.

So those customers taking advantage of the opportunity to trade in their MacBooks for Surfaces are almost certainly switching from iOS to Android at the same time.

It's unlikely to be a major loss for Apple though - iPhone loyalty is high and as our most personal of devices it is our smartphones that really drives ecosystems decisions.

So whilst there will be a short period of grumpiness around the new MBP, ultimately it will end up being a successful product for Apple - even if the battery and heat issues suggest the full breadth of that success won't be resolved until Apple revises the MBP in 18 months time.