Tesla Will Ding You If You Hog That Supercharger

Tesla's worldwide Supercharger network is one of its big advantages compared to its EV competition. Roll-up, take a quick charge and then roll-off again, having taken not much more time than an average IC vehicle takes to fill a tank of diesel or petrol.

Except that inconsiderate users are being accused of hogging the supercharging network by leaving cars on the charge station even after charging has completed. That's frustrating for drivers pulling up to a Supercharger station and having to wait for a charging slot.

As the number of vehicles begins to rise with Tesla's production ramp up, the likely hood of being charge blocked is getting greater. That's not the sort of friction-free experience Tesla owners will be expecting and have enjoyed, for the most part anyway, since the launch of the Supercharger network.

In order to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, Tesla has announced that it will be charging users who over stay their charge time at a rate of $0.40 per minute. That's probably just steep enough to ensure that users are a bit more careful about how long they abandon their EVs but not so steep to open Tesla to accusations of profiteering on customer misery.

Hopefully Tesla will ring fence the money is does receive from these 'fines' and use it to broaden the Tesla network worldwide.