Please Samsung, Don't Ditch The Headphone Jack

It's not courageous, it isn't clever and it isn't going to win you any friends. So as your designers begin to lock down the specifications and design of your next generation of Galaxy phones please don't sign-off on any design that excludes a headphone jack.

Look, don't get me wrong, I use Bluetooth for audio as much as the next man - probably more in fact. And I've probably been doing it for longer too. I get that the future is wireless.

However I have a good selection of quality headphones that I'd really like to keep using with my new smartphone. Even if I can use some trickery to make them work without a headphone jack, I'd really rather not carry the dongles or Bluetooth adapters to make them work.

Don't give me any nonsense about audio quality either. At some stage that digital file which I want to listen to will need to be converted back to analogue so that a speaker driver can move air around and create sound. Making that digital to analogue conversion at the speaker jack or at the ear piece isn't going to make a blind bit of difference.

When I next get on an airplane I don't want to be denied the joys of my noise cancelling headphones because I forgot the dongle that allows it to plug into a USB port.

But most importantly of all the only reason  you would have for removing the headphone port is that Apple did it first. Having thrown off your reputation for blindly copying Apple this would be an incredibly dumb move.

The world is watching, don't blow this.


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