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Nokia And Apple Go To Patent War


Nokia may have exited from the smartphone market, but its legacy as the innovator in the mobile handset space means that it has amassed a potent treasure chest of patents that didn't transfer to Microsoft as part of the sale of its mobile phone division.

Now, in two separate moves, we are beginning to get an understanding of how Nokia plans to drive income from its intellectual property - and it doesn't look a pretty prospect for current smartphone successes.

Like Apple for example.

The latter has begun action against Nokia to prevent it assigning patents to third parties who are then using them to extract royalties from Apple - higher royalties than would otherwise be due as a result of the adoption of these innovations as standards and subsequent FRAND limitations on what can be charged to use them.

Nokia has responded by suing Apple for violating a further 32 FRAND patents. Although technically what a court will be asked to do is determine the fair royalty for each innovation.

With Nokia handsets due on the market in a matter of weeks the timing of these suits is kind to the brand. It's an opportunity to remind Nokia fans that the company still exists and was probably at least partially responsible for the signal, call and battery performance aspects of the non-Nokia handset you currently use.