Microsoft Bullish On Surface, Talks Down MacBook Pro


Microsoft seems to be lining up a big year sales for its Surface hardware division. In fact according to Brian Hall, head of Device Marketing, things are going from good to better for all things Surface.

Following the announcement of the Surface Studio Microsoft received much critical acclaim. Well-earned too. Surprisingly though, there's been a knock on effect on Surface Pro and Book sales, with record sales to consumers recorded in November.

In the US it would seem many of those buyers are switching from a Mac, at least that's what numbers from Microsoft’s Mac trade in program would suggest

Then there’s the Surface Hub. The giant – and hugely expensive – enterprise wall mount PC has racked up big sales and would appear to be another billion dollar revenue stream for Microsoft.

Whilst Surfaces have been going great guns, it seems Microsoft can’t get over its fixation with Apple, in the post Hall calls out ‘disappointment’ with the new MacBook Pro.

It’s an interesting strategy because it hasn’t really worked for Microsoft in the past and doesn’t seem likely to in the future either. Microsoft wins when it talks about the quality of its products and lets them speak for themselves. The Surface Studio launch was a perfect example of that.

There’s little doubt that the arrival of the new MBP will result in a bounce of Apple’s Mac sales when they are reported in January. That’s despite a weak launch and plenty of criticism in reviews.

Microsoft’s achievements with the Surface line shouldn’t be tainted by continual comparison with Apple. In just four years Microsoft has built itself a multi-billion dollar PC hardware division that stands comparison with anything on the market.

That’s the good news message that Microsoft should be sharing.


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