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In 2017 Can We Please Stop Focusing On Thin?

Dear Apple, Samsung and other device manufacturers, thin is over. Please stop sacrificing reliability, functionality and capability for thin. I don't need a smartphone that is thin enough to carve the Christmas turkey, my laptop doesn't need to shave off a few more millimetres when its going into a laptop bag anyway and my tablet needs to have sufficient depth that my fingers aren't sliced to ribbons each time I use it.
The two high profile failures this year that proved that this obsession with thin has run its course were the Galaxy Note 7 and the MacBook Pro.

In a bid to squeeze as much capacity into the thinnest volume Samsung made risky decisions with the Note 7 battery design. That desire to shave a millimetre from the devices girth cost Samsung dear. Ironically the edge design of the Note 7 meant that it was impossible to tell just how thin it was from holding one, so the only place this effort was registered was on the spec sheet.

The MacBook Pro gave up ports, battery life and heat dissapation capabilities in Apple's search for thin. There wasn't any need to be any thinner that its predecessor, which managed to balance performance and size very well, thank you very much.

There are some devices which focus on their portability above all else - the MacBook for example - where compromises for the sake of portability are acceptable and, for the target market, desirable.

But not every device needs to be so thin it slices the night. Please make that a part of your design decisions for next year's products.