Flickr Data Suggests Apple Owns It For Smartphone Photography

Last week Flickr published its review of 2016 in terms of camera usage - and the results are eye-opening.

Apple was responsible for 47% of all photos uploaded to the Flickr site. Demonstrating just how far we have moved away from point and click and DSLRs? Not really, because those devices were responsible for 49% of uploaded photgraphs. 

What it demonstrates is Apple's total domination of smartphone photography. 48% of photos were uploaded from smartphones. From that information we can calculate 3% of photos came from tablets. If every single one of those tablets was an iPad, that leaves the iPhone responsible for 44 out of every 48 photos taken with smartphones.

That's effectively a better than 90% market share for the iPhone camera!

For all that Nokia / Microsoft, Samsung, Google and Sony have laid claims to having the best camera on a smartphone, it's clear from the data that actually the camera that gets the most use is almost certainly going to be on the back of an iPhone.


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