Coship Windows 10 Mobile Concerns Validated By Crowdfunding Failure

Earlier this year Coship raised concerns about the future of Windows 10 Mobile, suggesting that its Moly phone line was at risk following the collapse of Windows 10 Mobile sales worldwide.

The crowdfunding campaign is now over and the results back up the concerns raised about the future of Windows Mobile. Only thirty backers and a long, long way fromn the $100k goal the company set.

It seems that Microsoft has reached a point where it has driven all but the dangerously adventurous away from its mobile platform.

This isn't a completely accurate picture of the demand for Windows 10 phones, given the risks associated with crowdfunding and the limited name recognition of the Coship Moly device.

Nevertheless, it should give any OEM looking at developing a future Windows 10 phone a serious pause for consideration.


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