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Believe It Or Not The Samsung Galaxy S5 Was The Most Used Android Of 2016

Apteligent's report into device sales and usage across 2016 makes for very interesting reading. For example, the much-derided Samsung Galaxy S5 was the most-popular Android phone in use this year. That's right, plastic back cover and all.

The S5 headed an Android usage top ten that was all Samsung. Not great reading for other OEMs.

That's nothing compared to the Galaxy Note 7 news in the report. In its short time on-sale the Note 7 managed to outsell every single newly launched Android handset from all other manufacturers combined! Even after the recall there are still more Note 7s in use today than all other 2016 Android handsets, bar the Xperia XZ, combined.

You can see why Samsung was so keen to get the thing back on to sale when the first recall happened.

And to be honest, if you're Motorola, HTC or LG and customers are prepared to risk having a limb blown off rather than use one of your handsets surely the jig is up?

For Sony there was a little fillip: the XZ replaced the Note 7 at the head of new Android device launches in 2016. Either it has been a poor year or Sony is finally onto something with its latest Xperia revision.