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Apple Answers MacBook Pro Battery Issues... Kind Of

Multiple (mostly Apple friendly) reviewers have been reaising questions of the new MacBook Pro's battery performance. In short it is significantly reduced from the older model and is a long way from meeting Apple's claimed 10 hour duty cycle.

Had it been one reviewer experiencing problems it could be dismissed as an unusual usage pattern. With multiple users reporting a measurable shortfall in cable free usage the more likely scenario is that Apple has misjudged battery performance.

Never mind, Apple has a response. When MacOS X 10.12.2 arrives on your MacBook (and I'm of the understanding is that this is true for any MacBook) you will no longer be presented with an estimate of remaining battery, only a percentage remaining.

I never said it was a useful response.

Now I think we are all grown up enough to understand that the remaining time indication on both Macs and PCs is an estimate, but removing it to reduce complaints about a new product's battery performance doesn't seem like a particularly helpful or useful change.

So, aside from the heat issues, the missing ports and the dubious Touch Bar, we can now add subpar battery life to the list of complaints about Apple's latest product.