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Wireless Charging For The Next iPhone Should Be Guaranteed

As I've mentioned before, wireless charging is a fabulous piece of technology that should be included with every phone. Right now that's fat from the case, mostly because full metal bodies and the wireless charging circuitry don't cohabit well. 

The biggest hold out so far has been Apple and until Apple joins the party wireless charging will always be out of the mainstream. 

According to a report in the Nikki Asian Review (there's a publication that's on a real run right now) Foxconn is currently testing wireless charging in preparation for the next iPhone. 

We've had rumours of wireless charging coming to the iPhone before, so I'm not being overtly excited. Foxconn builds handsets for many brands and it's not unreasonable to be sceptical of any report that ties testing of new hardware to Apple workout corroborating evidence. 

Logic dictates that Apple should be looking at wireless charging, as its a key differentiator in Samsung's favor right now. Being Apple, even if wireless charging is being considered there's no guarantee that it's either of the currently popular standards. 

iPhone customers finally got water proofing this year. Next year hopefully wireless charging will be an option too.