Windows Mobile: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Two items of interest to Windows Mobile fans surfaced over the weekend, one a blast from the past - with a hint of what might have been if Nokia has remained independent of Microsoft - whilst the other provided a glimpse into a possible future for Windows Mobile.

Above  you'll find a video of the Nokia Moonraker smartwatch. You know my reservations about smartwatches by now and nothing in the video suggests the Moonraker would have changed it. (Well except for the ultra-cool name, that probably wouldn't have survived into production anyaway).

The most notable thing about the video is that Nokia were going in the same wrong direction as Apple with their smartwatch, missing almost entirely, key fitness features.

Secondly we learned of this screenshot, posted on Twitter by Nawzil, claiming to show early testing of Xbox streaming functionality for Windows Mobile. Real or fake? Presumably such a thing is achievable, however would Microsoft bring it to market?

The prospect of Xbox gaming direct from your phone is particularly appealing for gamers, although given the local LAN restrictions I'd say this is a last resort option for playing Xbox games when there is literally no other screen available.

Would make for some great impact advertising for Windows Mobile. That's assuming Microsoft wouldn't release on Android and iOS first of course...


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