Will The iPhone SE Get An Upgrade In 2017?

When Apple launched the iPhone SE earlier this year it found it had a bit of a monster hit on its hands. This 'entry-level' device made up one on for iPhone sales in its first quarter and remains the best selling iphone in several territories even now. 

Is this the result of its low price or adherence to Apple's original mantra that the phone size that worked best was one that was usable with one hand? 

Either way the SE has been a success. Which presents Apple with a dilemna. Update it and keep the buyers coming or leave it as it is and hope it retains its strong appeal?

Some sites with good track records are suggesting the SE won't get an upgrade, or if it will it won't be until late 2017. I think they could be right. It would make sense to give the SE iPhone 7 internals only after the 7 had been replaced. 

Which means that the current SE will need to soldier on for another year. If it's major selling point is the design (as I believe)  then that won't be a problem. If it is price then perhaps the lure of some pretty impressive mid range Android handsets might start to hurt it. 

In many ways the SE is the best iPhone compromise available today. That it is already an old design works in its favour, having gone through the phase of being dated and now being safe to consider a classic. An extended delay before replacement will probably impact this iPhone less than any other smartphone on the market today.