Why Was A Trump Win So Surprising?

I'm really not going to debate the merits of the US Presidential Election here, but I am going to question the complete, utter and worldwide shock that has greeted Donald Trump's election as 45th President of the United States.

Pollsters, journalists, politicians, they all said that Trump couldn't win. 

Yet they completely missed the global trend that saw Bernie Sanders, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn happen. The voter disaffection with the political establishment and desire for change, a refusal to be dictated to by the Fourth Estate and the 'do as I say, don't do as I do' political classes, the professional politicians and their 'teams'.

I'd be interested to see what the voter turnout was like in the US for this election. I suspect it will be high. Very high. 

What happens now is anyone's guess. Trump's promise to drain the swamp was perhaps his biggest pledge. If it was made in earnest then it might be that whatever the pains of the next four years prove to be, if they are accompanied by a cleaned up US political system, they are worth enduring.

The world enters a new era today, one whose future is as unclear and as troubling as it was as the sun rose on a new era on September 12, 2001.


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