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Which App's Loss Would Finally Kill Windows Mobile For You?

With the loss of Air New Zealand's Windows Mobile app today - an app of which I was apparently one of a vanishingly small number of users - I was left wondering: at what point does the loss of apps for the platform start to impact usability for even hardened users?

After all, Windows Mobile users today have come to terms with absence of apps like Snapchat or Pokemon Go, but there must be a small number of staple third party apps that must exist to keep the platform alive.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are obvious choices, as are those messaging apps that are available - WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for example. Most other requirements are filled by the first-party apps Microsoft ships with the platform or can be handled in the browser.

The remaining killer apps will be very much down to personal preference and how the phone is used. For me the one app that would finally kill Windows Mobile by its disappearance is the libraries eBook app Overdrive.

Yes losing Kindle or Audible would be painful, but I'm finding that most - and I mean around 98% - of my reading is done in Overdrive. As a result the loss of that one app would send me running for the hills.

I've come to terms with doing my mobile banking in a browser, using WeMo via the Maker workaround and YouTube via a third-party app. Losing Overdrive would be an insurmountable problem though.

For many others that breaking point has been reached and it isn't hard to see why. Windows 10 Mobile doesn't have an App Gap problem anymore.

It's an App Drain one now.