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What's Samsung's Plan For The Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy Note 7 debacle is just about beginning to fade from the public perception, replaced by other more important issues. That's good news for Samsung, as are polls that show that it has retained a high level of customer loyalty, even amongst former Note 7 owners.

So what is Samsung's next step? The Galaxy S8 is due within the next four months and, as yet, the company has not been able to say definitively what the cause of the Note 7 fires was.

That's going to make any S8 announcement a particularly awkward thing for Samsung.

Which is a shame, because my gut feel is that the S8 is going to take the smartphone concept to a whole new level, building upon both the S7 and Note 7 to create something which is stunning and game changing in a way that will erase the remaining bad memories of the Note 7 fires.