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This Isn’t The Future Of Surface, This Is The Future Enabled By Hololens

Look at everything happening in the vision of the future published by the Microsoft Office team. A Pretty radical take on what computers, phones and even magazines might be like in the distant future, right?

Wrong. Pretty much everything you see here is feasible today with Hololens – even if the AR headset doesn’t appear in the video anywhere.

Yes, all of the screens that you see in the video aren’t physical screens, just surfaces (not Surfaces!) to display the image from your Hololens. That phone? A piece of card of the size you’d like your phone screen to be. The magazine, the desktop, just flat surfaces where your pen. keyboard. mouse or fingertips allow you to interact with Hololens projected image. Even the image on the car window is just a Hololens projection.

Now there’s going to be a significant amount of work required to bring Hololens down to the size of a regular pair of glasses, much less something able to be worn on the  eye as a lens. But once this happens this is what out near future looks like.