Tesla's Worst Nightmare: Jaguar Unveils I-Pace

Tesla has been the beginning and end of the premium EV market since creating the segment with its Model S. That is no longer the case and with more and more premium brands arriving to challenge the company's dominance its position in the market is slowly getting eroded.

This is the Jaguar I-Pace, the Big Cat's entry into the all-electric market. 

It's an SUV, but with the gait and shape of one of Jaguar's more sporting models. Given the way that Jaguar's fortunes have blossomed over the last few years, it's difficult to see this as being anything but a big hit when it reaches the market. That's not too far away either, with first deliveries expected in 2018.

For Tesla the problem remains its ability to scale to build EVs in numbers on a consistent basis and without damaging it premium brand value. That's already proving to be a struggle.

Whilst car manufacturers have been doing this for decades, it's very new for Tesla. The company has overcome more than a few challenges over the last few years, this is probably its biggest and most important.


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