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Still No Family Plan For Microsoft Groove Users

I suppose the fact that Microsoft has still not added a Family plan to Groove music speaks volumes for the service and Microsoft's ambitions for it.

When Amazon can come out of the gates as new kid on the block and offer family plans right from the get go, you have to question why Microsoft is still lagging on this option, even as it continues to add features to the service.

As of today everyone worth mentioning has a family option for their music service bar Microsoft.

Microsoft has never published user numbers for its Groove service either. With 400 million Windows 10 users converted in just over a year you would think that it would take  very little to convert some of them to the Groove service too. Just 1% of those users would put Microsoft into the top three music streaming services.

In reality though I suspect that there are rather fewer than the four million users that conversion rate would suggest.

Is music streaming so lacking in a profit stream that Microsoft has completely given up on the idea?