Smartphone Market Is A Two Horse Race, And One Of Those Is Hobbling

Strategy Analytics reported its smartphone market assessment for Q3 and things are looking pretty rosey for Google and Android, for now.

First thing to note is that there are now only two players in this game now. Windows has joined Blackberry in the 'Other' category and even lumped together the sum total of sales for all smartphones running anything other than Android and iOS was just 1.3m - a market share of 0.3%.

The quarter wasn't hugely encouraging for Apple either, with falling sales in a growing market demonstrating that the iPhone isn't delivering what customers want. Profitable though the iPhone may be, falling sales should be a red flag to its current strategy.

Android's domination of the market continues. There are maor challenges ahead though. The Google Pixel's and its impact on Android OEMs. Google's EU investigation and the problems that low margins bring when looking to develop the next great device.