Rejoicing Over Apple's Profits Seems A Little Weird

Apple makes more profit than anyone else in the smartphone industry, tablet industry and, per device probably the PC industry too. The strange psychology that leads it's own customers to rejoice in this fact really does warrant some investigation.

Let's face it, we need the companies from whom we buy products to make a profit in order that they are able to invest to improve future products.

That Apple makes more profits from fewer device sales shouldn't be good news to anybody except Apple's shareholders. That Apple makes larger profits than Samsung or Sony is entirely immaterial to customers, other than suggesting that Apple's customers are getting a relatively poorer deal than Samsung's or Sony's.

Of course for HTC, LG and other companies running at a loss that should be a concern, especially if their path to profit is unclear. The less said about Microsoft's mobile efforts the better.

In no other industry is a company's share of the overall profits considered a metric of any note, it lacks as much relevance in the smartphone market too. Except perhaps as a Stockholm Syndrome-type measure of the way that some people can be brainwashed into thinking that something of benefit to a large corporation benefits them too.