President Trump: Michael Moore Warned You And You Didn't Listen

Nearly six months ago American filmmaker Michael Moore told the world that Donald Trump would be the next President in this article on his blog. Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) has also been vocal in his support and reasoning behind a Trump victory on his blog. Controversial PayPal founder and Gawker slayer Peter Thiel went beyond telling you Trump would win and helped fund his campaign.

I've been following Scott Adams thoughts on his blog for a while now and his description of Trump as the smart Master Persuader seems to be at odds with what gets reported in the media. However if you follow Adams logic and arguments you can at least see why there has been a strong swell of support behind Trump.

Then came Trump's final campaign message, above, and Adams breakdown of its impact convinced me that Trump was going to win. Because he was the best candidate? No, almost certainly not. But because Clinton and her campaign hadn't made any effort to address the concerns of those who ultimately voted Trump in.

After watching the video above, its not hard to see why those Americans, battered by the end of manufacturing, humiliated by the GFC and angered by Government's reaction to it, voted for Trump.

Let's hope that he is able to deliver the salvation that these people have been promised.


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