NetMarketShare Reports Mac Usage At Lowest Ebb, Windows 10 Static

NetMarketShare's monthly usage data shows that Mac usage is contracting rapidly, which in the face of a declining market for new PCs suggests that there's a general drift away from the platform.

Having peaked at almost 10% of all desktop usage in April, Mac is now down to the lowest share that NetMarketShare has published. At 6.43% Apple has lost a third of users in just seven months.

Now it may well be that those users are replacing their Macs with new iPads - Apple has started to push the 'iPad as all the computer you need' message strongly. Whatever the reason, the Mac user community appears to be in decline.

With Windows 10 showing no growth again this month and Windows 7 holding steady too, it was Windows 8.x that was the big winner in October. Windows 8.1 is now more popular than Windows XP whilst Windows 8 is more popular than Linux. Not sure whether a glut of Windows 8.1 machines were restored to use or whether people rushed out to buy them over the course of October, but for some reason Windows 8 users were busy last month.

Overall Windows has made something of a recovery, with more than 91% of the desktop usage market for the first time in a year.


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