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Microsoft Black Friday Sale: Lumia 950XL Buyers Bag Free 950 And Dock

In what is proving an ever more desperate bid to clear stocks of its high end Lumia handsets, Microsoft will now give you a a free Lumia 950 and a Display Dock if you buy a 950XL from the Microsoft Store. As ever, this deal is available for US customers only.

The deal is available for a limited time - although it doesn't specifically say that it is Black Friday only - so you may find the deal available through the weekend as well.

However don't hold off too long, as Microsoft generally sells these offers out quite quickly when they have been available in the past.

As to the motivation for this sale, my view is that this isn't in itself a desperate bid to clear unsold stock, as has been previously suspected when this offer appeared before. The Lumia 950 has been in and out of stock in various regional stores before, suggesting that Microsoft is continuing to receive handsets from its manufacturing partner.

Could it be that Microsoft is using the Lumia 950 offers to keep interest in Windows phones alive until the point when new consumer handsets arrive? These repeated sales boost sales and put Windows phones back into the public eye, if only briefly.

There may just be more strategy behind this then might appear.