Lego Ceases Daily Mail Advertising

A Twitter campaign attempting to cut off funding for British 'newspaper' The Daily Mail, appears to have had a major success, with Lego announcing that it is to cease all promotional activity with the organisation.

The hashtag #StopFundingHate and the associated Twitter account have been petitioning major brands to end their relationship with newspapers which spread FUD as part of their hate message. The Daily Mail has been one of the worst offenders.

The Mail isn't the only rag being targeted though - Gary Lineker is currently in talks with Walkers Crisps, aimed at bringing that company's relationship with The Sun to an end. The Sun has been on an all out offensive against Lineker, after he tweeted his disdain for the lies being published about migrants.

Hopefully the campaign will persuade other companies to withdraw advertising from these papers, although I suspect that the multi-billionaire status of those paper's owners, as well as there well declared political views means that even a blanket advertising shortfall makes little difference in the long run.

Still nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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