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Jolla's Sailfish Becomes Russian Government's Mobile Platform Of Choice

The Russian Government's registration body has certified Finnish company Jolla's Sailfish platform as suitable for use in official devices, beginning the process of moving the country's technology away from US developed Android, iOS and Windows.

Jolla is effectively the former Nokia team responsible for the development of the Maemo and then Meego platforms. The Linux-based OS featured in just a handful of mini-tablets and one smartphone before Nokia canned the project in favour of Windows Phone.

Meego had real potential though, so whilst Jolla has failed to make any headway in the consumer market with its new devices, this certification is bound to raise some interest.

As yet Sailfish has no support for paid apps or in-app purchases, whether this new lease of life for the platform will support the development of one remains to be seen. After the failure of its crowdfunded tablet last year, this is certainly the sort of boost that Jolla needed.