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Is Microsoft Missing A Trick By Not Allowing Surface Book Upgrades?

Microsoft introduced a new high end Surface Book alongside the Surface Studio last month, bringing with it a new upgraded base. This is the Surface Book component that sets it apart from other two in one machines, with a dedicated GPU and memory, as well as the larger part of the Surface Book battery pack.

The new Surface Book came with a "Performance Base", packing a new Graphics card and more battery into the same sized shell. The Performance Base has been shown to be compatible with older Surface Books and as a result some Surface Book owners are clamouring to buy one to upgrade their existing machines.

Seems like a logical thing to do - a performance hike halfway through a machines lifecycle is exactly what used to happen to machines in days gone buy - a hard disk upgrade, more memory, new graphics cards (on desktops anyway). It would be a good way of keeping existing Surface Book owners happy.

It would also be a useful revenue stream for Microsoft.

However, as yet, Microsoft has denied that it would make the Performance Base available as a separate product. Surely a missed trick? Not only with this be a source of continued income from existing Microsoft customers, it would also be a selling point for the Surface Book in the first place. It might be a pricey, high end machine, but when it gets to two years old it can be upgraded to perform like a new machine.

In a world where customers are stretching buying cycles, its a uniquely marketable position. And Microsoft should be grabbing it. With both hands.