iOS 10.1.1 Another Botched Apple Upgrade


If you have an iPhone 6 and haven’t already accepted the iOS 10.1.1 update you might be well advised to skip it and wait for the next patch release. That’s because Apple appears to have introduced a number of battery life problems, with users reporting extreme battery drain and power offs on partially drained batteries.

It isn’t as if the iPhone 6 had enough battery life to start with, now affected users are finding they aren’t able to stray too far away from their chargers.

Undoubtedly a fix won’t be long in coming, but you have to question the level of care that Apple is taking with these updates, given the frequency which they introduce catastrophic issues or brick customer’s iPhones.

Now if this was Google having problems with Android you could be more sympathetic, after all there are around twelve million different Android models it has to work with, the odd glitch is probably to be expected.

Apple however has to cater for just a handful of devices. From 4S to 7 there are only ten iPhone variations to test, hardly the most onerous of tasks you might think.

No one is expected to be perfect every time, but Apple’s misses come far to frequently to be acceptable. So just how much care is it taking before pumping out each release? Quite clearly whatever it is doing isn’t working. And for a company generating so many profits from this product line this is neither acceptable nor desirable.


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