Huawei Was Biggest Benefactor Of Note 7 Problems


Samsung’s Note 7 problems were always going to impact its performance in the last quarter’s sales figures – and so it has proved, with the Korean companies share of markets worldwide significantly down.

Surprisingly though the benefactor hasn’t proved to be Apple, as many had predicted. Outside of the US, Apple’s market share was only marginally affected. Chinese and Japanese iPhone sales were down, whilst in Europe and Australia they were slightly up.

It seems that most disaffected Note 7 buyers – and others who were put off Samsung by the problems – stayed with Android and, mainly, chose Huawei as their replacement device. The Chinese OEM taking top spot in Italy and Spain.

With the next quarter including the holiday season in the Western World the balance of sales traditionally swings towards Apple. Although I can’t help but wonder what yesterday’s election result will mean for consumer confidence.

By the time December rolls around we might find that the typical smartphone buyer is sufficiently spooked to keep their cash in their pocket until such time as the ramifications of the US election have played out. That’s likely to be a global phenomenon, affecting more than just the technology industries.