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HP Elite Slice Ad Brings Life To The Desktop PC

Microsoft’s Surface Studio launch proved that the desktop PC isn’t entirely done yet and HP’s Elite Slice, whilst a very different device in concept, also demonstrates that there is room for different solutions to the desktop for those who need more than a laptop offers.

The Slice gets shown off very well in the ad above, although it doesn’t really prepare you for the sticker shock. There’s no NZ pricing yet, but for the UK the basic Slice is 30-50% more than the equivalent Mac Mini.

For that you’re getting a much more capable device, with plenty of upgradeability.and significantly newer chipsets. Much as I prefer Windows 10 to MacOS, I’d have to say that the mid-range Mac Mini looks a much more sensible buy in comparison, unless you’re desperate for the Slice add-ons.

Still, good to see that HP is rethinking its offerings in ways that were beyond it pre-split.