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Hey HTC, Now Would Be A Good Time To Revisit Windows Mobile

HTC made a bit of a pig's ear of its last foray into Windows smartphones. Not that there was anything wrong with the phone itself. The HTC One M8 for Windows was every bit as good as its Android toting twin sister.

Unfortunately HTC fluffed the product's whole lifecycle, from launch, through failure to provide a timely Windows 10 upgrade.

With Windows phones making great strides in many markets - European and South American ones especially - HTC failed to sell or market to any of them. The net result were sales figures that served only to make HTC's Android sales look marginally better.

Failing to jump on the Windows 10 upgrade was a brutal failure which demonstrated a total lack of care for loyal customers.

Move forward a couple of years and things aren't going well for HTC. Mounting losses, falling sales and a gig as the uncredited artisan responsible for the Google Pixel hardly bodes well for the future.

So what better time to refresh its Windows phone offering and deliver a HTC 10 running Windows 10? Nokia / Microsoft have left the market and there's no new consumer brand to pick up the baton. A perfect environment for HTC to step into with one or more great consumer phones. It has certainly delivered some great Windows phones in the past.

There is a small window of opportunity for HTC to assert itself as the premier Windows phone supplier. If it chooses to do so, HTC could find itself in the right place to exploit the rumoured updates that promise to make the platform relevant again.

Against that, it runs the risk of backing the wrong horse, throwing money away and hindering its battle for survival as it circles the drain.

Does the opportunity outweigh the risk or is the company really just marking time until Cher Wang finds a buyer for the smartphone division?