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Dongle Life Isn't Unique To The MacBook Pro, Isn't Terrible For Everyone

The dongle life. It's what you should be expecting to live if you switch to the MacBook Pro. If you are moving from any previous MacBook Pro nothing that you used to plug in will work anymore. Dongles feature heavily in your future.

But the MBP isn't the first laptop to go all in on the new USB Type c connection. It isn't even the first Apple laptop to do so. So why the big commotion?

For users who work primarily from one desk dongles shouldn't be off putting. Plug in a USB-C dock, plug in your peripherals and you're good to go. Better even than the previous MBP, because now you need only connect one cable to provide your laptop with power, external screens, keyboard, mouse and other peripheral access.

For those who live a more mobile life things just got more complicated.

If you have a bunch of USB peripherals which you previously plugged into an older MBP then you'll need one or more USB-B to USB-C adapters. If you need video you can pick a multiport adapter with either VGA or HDMI outputs (but not both) and finally you'll need an SD Card adapter _ possibly attached to a USB-B to USB-C adapter for good measure.

Now it isn't as messy as it sounds, because generally the dongles will sit in your laptop bag and come out only when you need them. It's just not as convenient as it could be.

For most people the dongles that are required to get full use out of the MBP shouldn't be an insurmountable barrier. Inevitably USB-C will become the new standard going forward and in two years time we'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Short-term inconvenience or not, it seems incredibly inconsiderate of Apple to not include at least one dongle in the box on this monster priced machine.