Does HP Have A Consumer Windows 10 Mobile Incoming?


At least one German website is convinced that HP has a consumer focused Windows 10 Mobile ready for launch in early 2017 as a partner for the enterprise Elite x3. How likely is that to be the case?

Pretty good actually. Having invested in getting one Windows phone to market, there's a logic to extending involvement. After all, HP is heavily involved in the consumer PC market, so why not go for phone sales too?

HP appears to have favoured status with Microsoft at the moment and the rumour mill suggests that the new phone will leverage technology previously reserved for Lumias.

With Alcatel having launched a high-end consumer Windows phone and HP expected to have this one on the market as early as February, there's a fair chance that Windows phone owners will have an interesting choice of replacements, should they decide to stick with Microsoft.

That might be too little, too late but it does also represent the strongest sign of life from Windows 10 Mobile in more than a year.

Not enough to stem the tide of users leaving the platform - never mind reverse it - but enough to suggest that Microsoft isn't quite done with smartphones just yet.