Did Satya Nadella Just Kybosh The Surface Phone

Whilst in Australia to meet developers and start-ups, Satya Nadella granted an interview to the local Financial Review newspaper. Covering subjects from AI to LinkedIn, Nadella had more than a little to say about the smartphone platform. Parsing the language he used carefully he effectively killed any hope of a Surface Phone for at least the foreseeable future.

Presenting the HP Elite x3 as an example of Microsoft's presence in 'structural innovation' he claimed that Microsoft's smartphone presence would be defined by what 'we can uniquely do in what is the ultimate mobile device'.

In other words, the current strategy of supporting vendors with Windows 10 Mobile will continue, but Microsoft's focus will be around pushing its services onto iOS and Android devices to an even greater degree than today.

Nadella tied Microsoft's Windows smartphone efforts to 'a specific set of customer, who need a specific set of capabilities'. Enterprises.

Phones like the Alcatel Idol and the rumoured HP consumer smartphone are likely to be part of a rare breed. One that pays lip service to Windows in the wider smartphone market.


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