Did Dell Abandon What Could Have Been The Ultimate Windows 10 Mobile?

A little flurry of Windows Mobile interest was sparked over the weekend after infamous technology leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks on twitter) posted a cryptic message asking users about a Windows Mobile powered by an desktop-class Intel processor.

The idea has been floated in the past, but the concept died when Intel killed the Atom mobile processor. Any such design intended for market today would demand the use of an Intel m3 CPU which would be prohibitively expensive.

According to Blass the product went much further than just a concept and was being prepped for market. The device was later outed by Thurrot as a product in development by Dell until Intel killed the Atom. 

In terms of a viable product area for Microsoft and its partners this does seem to be the best option available. Running full Windows 10 on an 8" tablet does demonstrate that, with some careful tweaking, it would be usable on a device the size of the Elite x3.

If the Surface Phone (should it ever happen) were indeed to prove to be a full desktop version of Windows 10 in a smartphone form factor it would certainly seem more marketable than a true Windows 10 Mobile, especially in Microsoft's target ebterprise market. But if a such device were to come to market it would need to be either frightfully expensive (albeit wonderfully powerful) or wedded to an AMD processor.

Unfortunately either option looks like a long shot in my view.